Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seamen's Inne Tasting

Well we had a great time today in Mystic! It was awesome to see many of our couples and meet some new ones while we were there too! What a blast!

The Seamen's Inne does such a great job and takes great care to make sure everything goes perfectly (and it always does!). And just a quick shout-out to a couple of the other vendors that were there:

Charlene Lindquist, aka The Cake Lady was there with some many different cakes samples, each one better than the rest. Our favorite? Creamsicle! YUM! Her work is incredible as you can tell by some of the pics. And just so you know, Charlene is extremely busy and yet has NO website, so that should tell you something right there! If you want to get in touch, give her a call at 860/437-8666 and she'll take good care of you but I suggest you hurry because she books quickly!

Also wanted to mention McQuades Marketplace in Mystic who supplied all of the flowers and centerpieces you saw today. Gorgeous!

And special thanks to all the couples that braved the cold today and let us take their pictures! ;) I hope you got a sense for how we do our portrait and formal sessions, quick and painless right? See the results below ;)

I wanted to post just a few pics from today, the rest will be up in the online gallery in a few days. Enjoy and thanks again everyone!














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