Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Albums - The Capri!

Ok, as promised, it's time to start talking about wedding albums. Val and I attended the Photo Plus Expo in New York City back in October (it's an annual event for us!) with the main goal of determining who we were going to use as our primary album suppliers. It was TOUGH! There were so many vendors to choose from and so many incredible products, we spent hours walking around, taking notes, taking photographs, comparing prices and styles and QUALITY from the companies we were most interested in.

Then we took a much-needed hot dog break, compared notes and in a flurry of hot dog grease and splattered Gulden's mustard we cobbled together our Master Plan! (Insert maniacal laughter here...)

Our first candidate and the topic of today's post is the Capri drop-in album. This is the MacGyver of  wedding albums; versatile, durable, been around for many years and still getting the job done. This is also our most affordable album, but don't let that fool you. This is a very elegant and stylish wedding album that you'll love.


The drop-in (or slide in) style album works like this: photographic prints are made in the correct size to fit your requested album and slid into the album pages. The pages are sized to hold the images snug and there is even a little lip inside to trap the image so it can't unintentionally slide out. The drop-in style album allows us to be flexible with the design yet still keep things affordable.

Covers come in various materials including "Mooless" leather, various fabrics and of course leather. The front cover can have an opening to insert a cover image. Pages come in several color options and several gilding color options as well. There is a maximum of 35 pages for this album which is 70 sides.

So that's the Capri! Simple, affordable, yet elegant. This album will look wonderful on your bookshelf for years to come!

Coming next: the flush mount!



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