Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Links


Just some random stuff for a Friday. I have several posts in the works but none are ready for prime time so I thought I'd throw out a post of some things I've been squirreling away. Some stuff related to weddings, some related to photography in general, some related to, well, nothing!

The National Geographic photography contest results are up and these pictures are just amazing! 148,203 images were submitted and boiled down to the results listed. I wouldn't have wanted to judge THAT one! (Oh who am I kidding of course I would have.)

I love this shot by Dottie Campbell that actually won in the landscape category. Sometimes the best images are not the obvious ones and this is very clever. Plus I love just the tease of what looks like a gorgeous old car.


Ok another one of those addicting, time-wasting, black hole type web sites, ToonDoo It allows you to create your very own comic strips. I had visited this site once a long time ago and it wasn't nearly as advanced as it is now. This is a blast! Here's my creation called "TSD-Land". I refer to Val as "TSD East" and she calls me "TSD Central" and I thought I'd show you the differences between the two offices:

image Maybe I'll have to make this a series? ;)

And last for today, Trash the Dress began as the latest trend in wedding photography and refers to brides (and grooms) willing to go out somewhere on location after the wedding to do some very creative shots where the safety of the dress is not necessarily a concern. (Lemme tell ya, if we have any volunteers out there for a session like this, Val and I are TOTALLY up for it! Just let us know!)

And this "trend" has really taken off as a style of wedding photography, with more and more brides asking for these types of sessions and more and more photographers offering it as a service.


I love the creativity with some of these shots. They can range from mild to completely wild (go for a swim in your wedding dress!) and everything in between!

Ok that's it for now...have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

The car in dottie campbell's winning national geographic photo is a 1948 Buick. It WAS a beautiful car...

posted by her husband...