Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Links


Ok folks just some quick links before I head out for a long weekend. I have a few posts cued up to launch automatically while I'm away (What? It's technology, what could possibly go wrong??) so check back every now and then, or just plug us into your RSS reader and be done with it, will ya? ;)

Sorry but any comments will hafta wait until I get back to be published through. I hear our hotel room doesn't even have a phone so wireless is probably out of the question. Besides, Roland and I will be out fishing or wrestling alligators or flying around the swamps in a airboat. Or maybe just hangin' at the hotel pool drinkin' beer. What kind of beer is best for a 9 year old? (Oh I'm kidding, relax...I'll make sure it's light beer)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll post some pics (who me? take pictures??) when we get back!

See ya!



Retrevo is a web site designed to match people with electronic equipment they're looking for. No it's not Gadget Dial-a-Date, imagethink of it more as an index of electronic equipment. You can find product manuals,  get recommendations on a particular item, or even find support for something you may already own. It's an interesting concept and along the lines of our Valentine's shopping post the other day, they have some gadget shopping ideas for you as well.


Rumors of Microsoft wanting to buy Yahoo (my favorite potential imagename I've heard for the new company? Microhoo!) has Flickr users up in arms.  I must say, I'm a big fan of Flickr too and would hate to see it ruined. This new group on Flickr is for folks to voice their opinions about it and boy have they ever! Some pretty funny stuff in here and currently it's showing 2,539 members and still growing!


This is amazing. One family's ritual of taking a photo of each family member on June 17th of each year since 1976. So cool to see the transformations throughout the years! Check it out here.


Amazing "Web Trend Map", hard to read with this snapshot but if you click on the link, it's an intricate map of everything hot on the web right now. As a twist, it's an actual map of the Tokyo-area train routes.



Have you heard about Google's 411 telephone information service? It's totally free, just dial 1-800-GOOG-411. It works great and you can even get an SMS message sent that includes the information about the business or number you called about. Check it out here.

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Sam Chinigo said... link to my page? Geesh man. Have a great vacation!! Sounds like your going to Florida aye? Remember that trip many moons ago? If you forgot, I have a ton of pics to show you sometime. God times man..good times.