Friday, February 22, 2008

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now


So I was in a hurry for lunch today and I ran to Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee and a bagel. Ok not the most nutritious choice for lunch, but it was a wheat bagel ;) Just ham and egg, no cheese so not too awful bad. Anyway, I got to the window and the manager handed me my coffee and my bag with the food in it.

He said, "I threw a flatbread sandwich in there for you to try, no charge."

Me: "Really? Thanks very much! Why?"

"A lot of people come for lunch and they order a bagel sandwich not realizing we have these new flatbread sandwiches. Just thought you might like to try one!"

Ok, ok I know it was a simple marketing ploy, but hey you know what? I thought it was a cool idea and it sorta made my day! And here I am telling all of you about it ;) so I guess it worked.

But it also inspired me! So...I'm returning the favor. I want to give the first person that emails me (bruce AT thesweetestdays DOT com) a FREE portrait session. Yep, remember that Valentine's Day post about the new portrait sessions we're doing? One of those. For you. Or you and your family. Or you and your dog Guido. Free. Zip, zero, nada. No strings attached.

Just send me an email and tell me you want it. First person I hear from wins! We'll figure the rest out from there. I'll come to your house. Maybe this weekend. Or we can wait for summer and go to the beach. That way you'll have time to get your hair done. You can get Guido's hair done, too. Whatever you want. And hey maybe you can bring a flatbread sandwich for me, those are good!

Ready, set, go.


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