Sunday, September 30, 2007

A day off !!

I took the day off yesterday!! That's a first in a very long time! We headed down to Misquamicut Beach in RI and it was gorgeous, perfect, awesome!! Are there more words I can use?? The girls just love the ocean and you can't help but relax and laugh watching them... okay, it started out with just dipping toes in the water and then it ended up with them getting totally soaked and loving every minute of it! :-)

Check out what we love to call "tasty light!"

Can you get much cuter??

I'm still waiting for one of my brides to jump in and do just this! How fun would that be, wedding dress and all?? Think of the crazy shots we could get, it's something you'd never forget! Come on... pretty please?

And of course...sunset on the beach... love it!!


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