Thursday, September 20, 2007

Laura and Gary - by Bruce

This past weekend, I shot Laura and Gary's wedding at the Grassy Hill Country Club in Orange, Connecticut. Laura's sister Vera and I used to work together and that's how I ended up with this wedding. We get SO MUCH of our work from referrals and friends and I can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate that!

The country club was gorgeous! What a great venue for a wedding. It rained early in the day but cleared out in plenty of time for the late afternoon ceremony.

Laura and Gary are a very relaxed and easy going couple. Weddings can be so tense if you let them but they made it clear right off the bat there'd be none of that stressful stuff at their wedding!

Want a clue? How 'bout the Hershey bar favors ;)

Or the footwear the bride would rather have been wearing!

Speaking of the bride, here's Laura and I'm gonna steal a catch phrase from a favorite photographer of ours and call this a "relaxed portrait"...

And a stylin' (and also relaxed) Gary ;)

The ceremony finished in time to catch the tail end of some very tasty light as the sun went down and we were able to get some great shots...

Here's the wedding party. Yep, that's all of them! Cool, huh?

I, um, really don't want to know. You'll have to ask Laura on this one...

Two turn tables and a microphone...yesirree that's vinyl he's spinning! It's actually more complicated than that and the music doesn't come from the discs directly. They are used for timing, but still. It LOOKS cool!

A little too much dancing for these two!

Laura and Gary, thanks for a great night, I had a blast! It was nice to meet you guys and your whole family and special thanks to Vera for connecting us!!

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