Monday, September 25, 2006

Kate, Pete and Barb (by Bruce)

My wife's friend Kate asked me if I would take some shots of her and her family because she loves our work (hey now!) and it's been a while since they had any pics done. How can I say no to that? I'm always flattered when people tell us they love our work and then trust us to take family photos of them. It really is an honor and I hope you like the results!


Hmmm, look up "All-American Girl" in the dictionary and you may just find a picture of Kate! (And I'm not just saying that because she stopped by and bribed me with a bottle of wine tonite! Honest!)

And let's not forget her brother Pete!

And Mom...

And some group shots:

We took these shots at the local high school. It's just a great spot for nice light in the early evening and I though it fit in with the theme of an athletic family. Barb and Kate play softball with my wife; Barb plays shortstop and Kate plays third base...

Mrs. Intensity...yes she plays this hard...and yes she got the out.

And then there's Kate at the "hot corner". It's a lot of fun to watch them play and so cool to see Mom and Daughter side by side like that.

Thanks for the fun shots, guys and I'll be in touch soon!! (And thanks for the bribe Kate even though it wasn't necessary!!)


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