Monday, December 08, 2008

We need a bigger house!

I have a problem, at least according to my family and there must be a support group for it somewhere. It has something to do with picking a tree that is way too big for the house, every single time!! So this is AFTER we cut a foot off the bottom, and a foot off the top...

Tree 1

Got out the landscaping tools and trimmed it down a little...okay, okay, a lot!! And right when it was almost done....Crash!!! In slow motion and just missed the little guy on the floor! He thought the garland was nice though!

Tree 2

Tom was not amused.

Tree 3

So after some intense work on the stand (which was brand new!) and the trunk (too soft!) and vacuuming for an hour, and redecorating the whole thing...oh, by the way, nothing broke... it's perfect! (Well, sorta!) And what the heck, the Barbies love it!

Tree 4

I have been officially banned from picking out the tree next year!! :)



carla ten eyck said...

ha ha ha!!!! What a great story and I LOVE the barbies under the tree...:)

Orchard Cove Photography said...

That is funny! And not funny I guess - at least it didn't fall on the baby! It reminds me of Christmas Vacation....such a good movie to watch this time of year :)