Friday, December 19, 2008

Ten Eyck Tuesdays Rock!


Tuesday was awesome! I have to tell you that I was nervous about it though and I'm not sure why, it really was the BEST day! I had so much fun, learned so much and met some great new people too! (They even offered to come help paint and renovate a room in my house for a studio, how awesome cool fabulous is that???)

Carla is really one of the most wonderful and talented people I've ever had the joy of meeting. A kindred spirit, from the unbelievable Victorian house (with a purple couch!) to our shared love of our D3's and of the name George! I also got to meet the fabulous smokin' hot Mr. Eric Foley and his super special, utterly gorgeous wife Erin, they were up for absolutely anything we asked them to do, and they did it with style!! Just check out these shots of them and you have to agree!

I still can NOT believe that they were taken in a parking garage and a gravel parking lot in West Hartford. :)










~ Valeen

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Eric Foley said...

Awesome images Val! It was great meeting you, we had a blast:)