Monday, July 23, 2007

Kelly and James, Part 2

More shots from the ceremony. Here's a couple from Laureen:

Here's a great example of why we love shooting weddings with 2 photographers. And why we ask all our brides to at least consider it when they choose a package. The ability to get multiple angles at the same time. Here's my shot:

And this is Laureen's. Gotcha covered!

A toast in the limo after the ceremony. I love how newlyweds can go directly from a serious, tender moment... a total case of the giggles! ;)

We went to Elizabeth Park in Hartford for pictures after the ceremony. A few random shots...

Suddenly humming Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs" to myself for some reason...

Cool tat! A different twist on one of Val's classic ring shots that we do with the bride and groom. I totally warned James I was gonna blog this shot! If you're a Jesse James fan, you get it. If not, well it's still funny right? ;)

Not only were we seated with the guests for dinner, we even had a place card! Cool!

Kelly and James, we want to pass along our sincere thanks for sharing your day with us. You guys were great and we had such a good time! We wish you all the best in your lives together.

-Bruce and Laureen

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