Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kasey's First Blog Post!

What do we crazy photographers do when we aren't shooting weddings???

We take pictures of everything else silly! Once you have the photography bug, you can't make it go away. (Why would you want it to anyway? lol) So the last couple of weeks I have been able to get some great shots just around our house. Who would have imagined it? I first got excited when I started to get out of work and it was still light out. Sunset shots!


Then when little purple flowers began to sprout up, I thought to myself, Spring is finally here!!


Who cares if the flowers are growing right in the middle of our front lawn...It makes for good pics! Besides, it gives the neighbors something to talk about when they see me all crouched down in the front yard with my camera!


Now I really started to get excited when Jeremy (my hubby) spotted a bunny in the backyard. So I quickly grabbed the camera so I could try to get a shot of the bunny just in time for Easter! I quietly opened the door and tiptoed onto the deck. I snapped a couple of photos and the bunny stayed still. I then decided to take a couple of steps closer and sit on the stairs and I got yet another couple of pictures. The bunny didn't move.


So this is when I started to look stupid to the neighbors....I got down in the grass and was doing an army style crawl (you know when you are flat on your stomach and using your arms and elbows to slither across the grass) to get closer to this brave little bunny. I would crawl forward one foot, take a pic, crawl another foot, take a pic, crawl one more foot and bam! The bunny just took off!! My opportunity was over. Don't worry though, I would get another shot to photograph nature...


It was Saturday morning and Jeremy and I were on our way out to run some errands and I spotted this little bird in our front bushes but I was in a rush so there was no time to grab the camera. We got back about an hour or so later and the bird was still there. How exciting! So guess what I did, I had Jeremy stand guard and I went in for my camera. I came outside and started to get a couple of pics and the bird didn't fly away!


So I decided to get a little closer, and closer, and closer. I thought, "wow, this bird must like me because it's not moving!" Jeremy began to get curious and grabbed a stick and poked the bird. It didn't move. What a fun killer! The bird was indeed dead! It didn't stop me from taking pics though...who would know it was dead when they looked at the pics? LOL!

Val - Thanks for having me on the team! Always remember to keep smiling!

-Kasey :)

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