Friday, November 07, 2008

A note about my favorite ship in Mystic

Most everyone knows that I just love Mystic and the Seaport and have had the privilege of taking photographs there of so many couples when they've gotten married. Of course one of my favorite shots is to use the Charles W. Morgan in the background, it's truly a gorgeous ship. 

It was recently removed from it's berth and taken up river to the shipyard to begin a 3 year restoration. I've heard there will be a couple of different ships put in it's place, but I have to say I'll miss seeing it. Of course there's no worry about having your photographs done as the Conrad is my second favorite ship and is beautiful too...along with all the wonderful places there are to get that special photograph. :)

But I did find this cool article from CNN regarding the wood they will be using for the restoration... it's coming from some 200 year old trees that were uprooted in Katrina and donated to Mystic by the owners. I just thought that was so cool. Click to read the whole story.

Here's a shot of Mike doing his Captain Morgan in front of the Morgan!

Mike in Mystic

And Crystal and Mike... I love this shot.

Crystal and Mike 1


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