Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Sneak Peak at Joanne

A little while ago I shot a fabulous wedding at the Branford House at Avery Point.  Actually, that is my summer home and I just let people use it for parties and weddings. (Yeah, right, I wish!)   Anyhow, the place is fabulous and if you haven't seen it, you really need to go take a look, it's now owned by the State of CT so the grounds are open, I'm not sure about the mansion itself, but worth the trip anyhow just for the incredible view of the sound. 

Here's a photo of Joanne, she actually lives in Idaho but came out here to get married and what a great wedding it was!  I'll have more on it soon,  but I had to post this shot, right out of the camera, no editing whatsoever... the light was super yummy that day!!

Joanne at Avery Pt.


Bruce Thivierge said...

GAW-JISSS!!! And that's MY summer house, you can stay in the servant's quarters tho...just don't make a lot of noise, k?

Sam Chinigo said...

You guys have been sneaking around my house while I was away? I hope you didn't have any parties. It took me forever to get the place back in shape after the last bash!