Friday, November 02, 2007

Erin and Mike - by Bruce

Well fall is here and I have to admit, fall weddings are my favorite! I love the colors and there just seems to be that autumn "feel" that tends to come out in the pictures. I can't really explain it so instead I'll just post pictures and let them talk!

We talk a lot on the blog about having two photographers at your wedding and how important we feel it is and I love to show examples of why. Remember this shot from Val's post? (Sorry Val for the poor quality, but I had to STEAL it ;) That's me up in the balcony...

...getting this cool shot! I love catching someone else's flash!

Erin and Mike's ceremony was at St. Joseph's church in Occum, Connecticut.

Another BIG wedding party! This is right outside the church.

Ok, don't try this at home. The "hanging out the car window taking a picture" part. Not the "stopping on the side of the road for a smoke" part ;)

Sometimes having two photographers isn't just about being in two places at once. We knew the waterfall shot was something Erin wanted and while Val was getting the shot she posted, I took this one. We're standing in almost the same place but using completely different lenses for a different look. So Erin gets not just one shot she loves, but two!

So many interesting places to take pics at Wright's Mill! I love this barn as a backdrop.

One potato, two potato, three potato...oh wait, that's not right...

And the inside at Wright's is just as nice as the outside.

Lots of hard work and time went into the father/daughter dance. It was well worth it, they nailed it! 10.0!

My favorite shot. Ever.

Thanks Erin and Mike (and Cathy and Cliff!) for such a fun night! Not only did Val and I get to shoot together but we were both GUESTS at the wedding too! How cool is that?!

All the best-

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