Thursday, November 08, 2007

Are You Settling?

No... I don't mean like that! lol I'm sure you aren't, and besides, that's none of my business! But what is my business is wedding photography. I've met with a few couples in the past several months that have chosen exquisite locations for their weddings, picked an incredible menu, selected wonderful designer gowns and the finest in flowers and accessories only to have a minimal budget for the photography. According to a recent poll in CT, the average wedding photographer charges $5500 for a wedding... holy cow!! We aren't even close to that and yet some find us too expensive. So they shop around and settle for less than what they really want. I'm wondering if they realize that only the photographs will be ALL they have to remember from that incredible day? The bouquets are generally forgotten after the intros,the dresses are stepped on and torn, even the centerpieces are given away. Do you know how much food and cake isn't even eaten and thrown away in the kitchen? We go to a lot of weddings and see it at nearly every single one.

I had a wonderful bride last year that told me her sister cried when she saw the wedding pictures we delivered. Of course, that is our goal... to capture the emotion of the day and bring tears to your eyes. So I was quite pleased about what she said... then she went on to tell me it wasn't just that... it was that when the sister got married 5 years ago, they settled on a photographer and have regretted it ever since. She wanted to get married again, just to have us do the photography. As flattered as we were, it still was heartbreaking.

Another photographer's website (of course we look!) had a great quote... "Good work is not cheap, and cheap work is not good." Something to think about.

A great big thank you to all the couples that have booked us for next year, we look forward to your wedding almost as much as you do! :-) We just love weddings and hope that the passion we have will always show in the work that we do.

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