Thursday, October 18, 2007

Laura & AJ

If you've been following the blog, you'll remember Laura and AJ, we did an engagement shoot with them out at Misquamicut beach and I was so happy with the shots that we did, I knew that the wedding would be just awesome! It was!

They are just the the best couple... I first met them at Angela and Brian's wedding last year, AJ was the best man. Laura came up to me and with a smile said "I'm marrying the best man." I just thought that was so romantic and sweet and I was so happy for her... then when she said she wanted us to take the photographs, I couldn't wait for the big day!

The wedding was great, I got to see Angela and Brian again, along with some of Brian's family, such nice people! It's a treat for us when we get to meet our couples again, especially at a wedding, makes us feel a little like family. :-)

So here's a few shots from the day!

My daughter Krista shot second camera with me, yes...we do get into our work!

Sometimes we luck out and get to shoot from behind the altar for one of a kind shots like this!

They had some friends from England that brought confetti to throw, and yes, it was bio-degradable!

Check out the effect the mist and the sun had on this shot, one of my favorites.

A stolen moment...

And of course, awesome shoes too!

Autumn in New England, it doesn't get any better.

Oh, and they had a streetcar bus that everyone got to ride in, so cool. :-)

Sunset at Watch Hill

Our thanks to Laura, AJ and their family and friends for letting us be part of the day, it was wonderful.


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