Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wedpix magazine

The Wedding Photojournalist Association has an online magazine called Wedpix and the latest version of it was posted today. Inside, you'll find an interesting article about portraits and some creative ideas for your "formal" shots.

The question of formals comes up often. Some brides are pleasantly surprised to find out that we do them! Because of our photojournalistic style of wedding photography, they assume we do not. The article does a great job of explaining what goes into these shots, how to get great results, and of course why we do, in fact, do them!

You can rest assured that Val and I are committed to getting the shots you want. Including your formals. The difference is, this no longer means the bride, groom, and wedding party are held captive by their photographers for hours at a time. We try to get these shots done as quickly and painlessly as possible and get you back where you belong, which is enjoying your special day with your family and friends!


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